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Yeisley Financial Group

Yeisley Financial Group | Wichita Kansas, Financial Services | Investments | Insurance | Retirement

(316) 719-2900

Yeisley Financial Group

Yeisley Financial Group was founded out of a viable need for down to earth financial advice that not only could be understood but also is practical and manageable for everyone.

If you do not know what your goals are, you’ll never know when you obtain them.

The financial advice received from Yeisley Financial Group is unbiased and centered on the distinct needs of each client. Our firm was created to be independent from the profit driven firms on Wall Street. Our independence means we have no need to push products or meet goals to pad the bottom line of some firm on the other side of the country.

We Built A Team To Serve.

We understand that a dynamic team of diversely talented individuals will make or break a firm. Here at Yeisley Financial Group our team has made us, and our clients are the beneficiaries. Our office staff has one goal: to make sure our clients feel at home.